Gen9: God blessed Noah and set the rainbow as a sign that he would never flood the earth again. Noah got drunk and cursed Ham’s son Canaan.

Gen10: Japheth’s line lived in the coastlands; Ham’s included Nimrod and the Canaanites; Shem’s lived in the East. These formed the nations.

Gen11: They began building a great tower for themselves, but the Lord confused their language. Shem’s line included Abram who married Sarai.

Moral Lesson

First, beware of charismatic leadership that unifies the masses in rebellion to God. Second, beware of governmental concentrations of power in rebellion to God. Third, beware of a false religious or moral premise that influences government in rebellion to God. We may be tempted to think we no longer need to trust and obey God. We may believe our learning, sophistication and technology are all we need to be self-sufficient and guarantee our security. The lesson of the Tower of Babel is that such self-sufficiency is a delusion. History has shown that many nations and their leaders have fallen into the trap of arrogance and self sufficiency. Like Babel, those nations have eventually ended up in ruins.

Full Story

Shortly after the flood, Noah planted a vineyard and got drunk after tasting some wine from his harvest. He fell asleep with no clothes and was seen by his youngest son. After telling his brother what he has seen, his brother covered their father without seeing him naked. Noah woke and cursed his youngest son while blessing the other 2.

Generations later Nimrod was born who became the first dictator, establishing a kingdom called Babylon. The people decided to stay together as one despite God’s instructions to separate and multiply. They agreed and decided to build a tower of greatness to reach the heavens.

God saddened by this had switched everyone’s tongues of different languages. and formed groups of the same languages departing in seperate ways. The tower was named Babel, the tower of “Confusion”.

The oldest son of Noah was Shem. One of his descendants was a man named Peleg. His name means division, because at the time of his birth, the earth divided. His great, great, great grandson was Abraham.