Gen12: God told Abram, “Go, I will make you a great nation. You will be a blessing.” In Egypt Abram lied about Sarai and Pharaoh was cursed.

Moral Lesson

This story paints the illustration of “Stepping with Faith”. Abram did not know what was to come. What trials or tribulations waited ahead. Or even how would these things would come about that God has promised. But it was his faith in not knowing but obedience which was the opposite of what Eve had done. Eve’s disbelief in God’s word not being sufficient enough.

Full Story

A man named Terah who lived in Ur bared 3 sons. One of them named Abram was married to his half-sister named Sarai who couldn’t bare children.

Terah took Abram, his wife and his nephew lot to a place called Haran where they dwelled until Terah died.

When Abram was 75, the lord told him to leave his family and go to a place that the lord has just for him. There he would make him a great nation and bless all who bless him and curse all who curses him.

So abram left with his nephew and wife went to a place called Canaan where they had dwelled until a famine that hit the land, despite God telling Abram that God was giving him that land to him and his children. During this time Abram had no children.

After building an altar for God he moved to Egypt where he feared someone would murder him because his wife was beautiful, so he asked her to respond only as his sister. The Pharaoh of Egypt took her as his wife and blessed Abram as her brother with much wealth including sheep, cattle, donkeys, camels, and servants.

God Plagued the Pharaoh and his family because she was married and once the Pharaoh found out, he sent Abram and his family away from Egypt to a place called Bethel where they dwelled and Abram worshipped God.